The old and trusty pine tree

The mighty totem of the North

Please stand as my guardian

Please stand as my protector

With thy time hardened bark

And with thy time gilded heart


I got the idea for The Old Pine collection in Autumn 2013 when I was walking in a forest near my my parents-in-law's home. I realised that the old, grey pine trees, which had shed their bark and needles (Finnish word for this kind of tree is Kelo), were like totems of the North which become more beautiful over time. For me, The Old Pine stands for protection and constancy. At first, I only made pendants but the story works very well also in engagement and wedding rings.”


The normal wear of coatings and metals is an essential part of The Old Pine collection. When the dark coating wears off in time in use, the base metal is reveiled and the jewellery starts to resemble more and more the surface of an old pine tree. The best metal to resemble the surface of the old pine tree as such, is matt finished white gold.


Every piece's surface of The Old Pine collection is hand milled individually, thus every piece is unique.

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